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Brütal Legend – Xbox 360 Hands on Preview

by BakaSamma


So the demo dropped today on Live, and it’s awesome.

The demo is pretty short, consisting of three parts. You start the game play by acquiring your main weapons. First up is the Separator, a battle axe with simple enough controls. Tapping A will will unleash a quick melee attack. Holding down A will perform a jump attack that will break enemy blocks. Next up is Clementine which is a “humble” guitar whose power of rock is enhanced by the new world it is in. Tapping X will send out small bolts of lightning to the nearest enemy. Holding X will incinerate anyone who gets too close. Combining the two will unleash a power strum that will knock back enemies surrounding you. Soon you meet up with a partner and can perform combo attacks by pressing Y. This is becoming an odd trend in video games… that any time a male character has to team up with a female character and perform a co-op attack. The attack usually consist of the dude picking up the chick and tossing her at an enemy… meh what ever, it works.

The second part starts off with a rhythm mini game where you play a solo at a temeple. Completing the mini game gets you the The Deuce aka, Druid Plow. this starts you off on a short driving missing, dodging obstacles and mowing down temple baddies. It’s simple and quite gratifying. The demo ends with you combining everything you’ve attained for a sweet little boss battle.

I dunno what it is about Tim Shafer but every game he touches is gold. The animation quality is great. The audio is awesome as well. Some of the funniest moments in Tim Shafer’s games is the background audio you hear while walking around. I also like that they offer a censorship option. The first prompt you get is just as Jack is about to curse a little message pops up saying, “From time to time, Brütal Legend may need to utilize strong language in order to accurately portray the authentic roadie experience to the player.” This is great for parrents who don’t want their kids hearing potty mouth but still offers the gamers who don’t give a crap the full experience. The next censorship prompt is hilarious, and goes “Brütal Legend contains some blood and gore, including dismemberment and occasional beheadings, whenever it is necessary for the plot, historical accuracy, or to look awesome.”

This is looking to be an awesome game, look for it 10-13-09.

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