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Category: Fandom

Cakes, the otaku way

by IveyLie

portal azn91fairy

alice dragonfly doces“You are too precious for words, why I could just… eat you alive!”  While I wouldn’t apply these words to a child, like Margaret did from the Addams Family, I’d certainly use them for these cakes.  I still can’t decide if I want to eat them or go around yelling, “Isn’t this cool?!”

I went around Flickr looking up some impressive cakes.  These cakes certainly do justice to our favorite anime and games.   Pst, some of them aren’t anime, but hey they’re still cool to look at.  You’d recognize most, however there might be some cakes in here that you’ll take a while to figure out. When you do though, I guarantee you’d want it at your next party.

Most of the cakes are done by professionals, however there are some mixed in here done by amateurs.  Regardless, I only picked the great ones!  The cakes are beautifully manipulated and shaped into characters or symbols we know and love.  Go through the pictures and figure out which anime or game they are from.  The answers are on the bottom after the photos.

totoro sbarabau

So now that you’ve gone through the photos, shall we compare answers?  They’re listed below.  Oh, one more thing!  I’ve listed the names or usernames of the owners of the cakes next to their respective photos.  Just look them up on their website or Flikr if you want to see more of their excellent work.  And of course you’re welcome to order from the professional bakers!

Article cover picture:

  • Portal from the Orange Box by azn91fairy

Answers (from top left):

  • Domo-kun by tsunami3k
  • Gurren Lagann by coldfireserge
  • Azumanga Daioh by tsunami3k
  • One Piece by Valeska Arnesen (contact Sailor Lynx)
  • Monsters Inc. by dragonfly doces
  • DragonBall by dragonfly doces
  • Totoro by brookwhisler
  • Cars by cakejournal
  • Naruto by dragonfly custom cakes (
  • Bleach by blackboxbakery

2 Responses to “Cakes, the otaku way”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    Wah? Still no author listed?

  2. Sabra says:

    I’ve made the portal cake before! It was epic, but most of my friends didn’t get it. They aren’t crazy like me.

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