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GhostBusters Xbox 360

by BakaSamma


Who ya gonna call? … The Rookie, because apparently he’s a BAD< expletive delete >!!!

The events of the game take place soon after the ending of the second movie with the inductee of a new Ghostbuster, You. It kinda feels like they took some guy off the street and strapped nuclear powered proton accelerator to his back and unleash him unto the city. Which I have to admit is great!

The controls are solid. The environments are not fully destructible but nearly everything in them is. So much so that a dollar value is given to each object you destroy. There’s even an achievement for finishing the game with either doing minimal collateral damage or going all out. There’s just something fun about writing profanity on the walls with a proton stream. Along with your standard proton stream, you get a few more attachments to add to your arsenal. The stasis beam work like a shotgun blast. Massive damage to enemies up close but poor accuracy at range. The meson collider works by shooting a massive blast of energy and then following up with rapid fire smaller blast that will home in on the initial blast collision point. Then finally the slime. The main function of slime is to hose off possessed individuals and to neutralize black slime. The real fun is the secondary fire, the slime tether. Shooting an object will attach an end of slime rope to it. Firing a second time will attach the other end of the rope to another object causing them to pull together. By using this you can pull objects out of the way or slam them into enemies. Unfortunately you can not tether your fellow Ghostbusters, but you can sent crap flying at them. Hours of fun.

The sound is amazing. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis do an amazing job voicing their characters. Ernie Hudson, while his lines are few, does an excellent job as well. Bill Murray however not so much. It’s not bad per say, it just feels off. It almost sounds like he wished he was doing something else. It may just be the taint of voicing Garfield in those horrible movies. They even got Annie Potts to reprise her roll as lovable receptionist and William Atherton voicing his role as Mr. Peck.

Easter eggs are a plenty! Through out the game you can don a pair of EKG goggles. This will put the camera into a first person view and along with making the game creepier(especially so in the library level) allows you to scan paranormal artifacts. By scanning items you get a little bio about the object as well as a cash bonus to use on proton pack upgrades. Also after each artifact is scanned it is moved to the Ghostbuster headquarters where between levels you can explore to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Overall the game is fun and with all of the easter eggs to find makes it even better for fans of the series.

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