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Halo ODST Xbox 360

by BakaSamma


Halo 3.2. What more can I say… It’s Halo.

Ok so it’s a little different. There are a few features that throw back to the original Halo. Namely the health system. No more auto recharging health. Now when your shields go down your health bar takes damage and must be refilled with med kits. Also the pistol is back to it’s original power. It once again shoots like a magnum instead of a BB gun. Some of the “new” features include a Metroid Prime style scanning mode that will let you search for clue pieces through out the campaign. These will allow you to play some side missions that explain what happened to your predecessors who dropped before you adding to the already awesome story.

While the story is shorter than Halo 3′s, Halo 3.2 has less of those “oh really, that’s where this is going” moments. Also the Firefight multi player is a blast. Halo Horde mode, whats not to love.

On a technical note. People with older gen systems are having disk read errors making the game near impossible to play. Some are saying that installing the game to the hard drive will fix these problems. I’m more surprised, however, that the older systems haven’t red ringed by now.

A nice little addition with Halo 3.2 is a second disk with Halo 3 multi player mode. It’s really nice for gamers who are new to Halo 3′s multi player because it comes with all of the new map packs. A great value to be included in with a $60 game. Not so nice for the loyal fans who already have the map pack. Come on Bunjie, have something to check and see if we already have the maps or not and then comp us some MS points.

So if you dont have the map packs 8/10
If you do then 7/10

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