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Category: Anime

Hatsukoi Limited

by TheOnlyJoe

new hatsukoi

“Have you ever fallen, in love?”

Hatsukoi Limited (aka HL) is a high-school drama focused on first love experiences. Unlike typical high-school dramas that follow the harem style (one guy character surrounded by twenty girls that are attracted to him for no reason in particular), HL has multiple characters, each of which are interested in a different person. I’m more of a fan of this type of story because it seems more plausible than a guy being chased down by a horde of women.

The cast consists of twenty different characters or so. You have your pervert, your superficial chick, your random chick with huge boobs, your girl with a brother complex, your guy with a sister complex, etc. Seeing these characters interact with each other and their reactions to specific events is what makes HL fun to watch.

The animation style in HL is the complete opposite of something like Magnitude Tokyo 8.0. There’s more of a focus on character design and less focus on backdrops and scenery. “Less focus” may even be putting it lightly. The backdrops are so bad, that it looks like the characters are wandering around in a never-ending dream sequence. There’s more white than there is anything else.

With a total of twelve episodes, Hatsukoi Limited effectively manages to introduce twenty characters, build their relationships from scratch, and maintain them throughout the rest of the series. It’s short, and it does what it sets out to do. The only real issues I have with the series are the occasional episodes where the ending theme song is used before the episode ending (for dramatic effect), the episode where Meguru was crying like the guy she was interested in died (he just left Japan, get over it), and the ridiculous amount of white used in the backdrops.

7/10 Nyaa’s 7-out-of-10

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