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You know you’re an otaku when…

by IveyLie


Taking up the mantle of otaku is a hefty ambition.  People often mistake a simple adoration of a particular series as a sign of otaku. How about just watching Cartoon Network? Wrong!  Believe me, I am an otaku.  There are signs to watch out for and if you fall into at least one of these habits, then pat yourself on the back; you are a true otaku.  Although, if you are here at, there’s a good chance that you’re already one.

  1. Having terabytes of anime, manga, music, and anything Japanese on your hard drive.
  2. Learning Japanese so that you can read raw manga scans, games, and anime.
  3. Your room would put the library of Alexandria to shame if it was shelved with media and random accessories from Japan.
  4. Your porn stash isn’t of RL girls, but of animated girls from your favorite series.
  5. You know what RL means, and you think it’s over-rated.
  6. You do cosplay for a living, somehow everyday.
  7. Move to Japan to be closer to the source.
  8. Replaced the photos in your room with illustrated girls (or boys).
  9. Talk like you have a permanent helium addiction.
  10. And the most damning and the crowning glory of an otaku, spending 90% of your income on anything Japanese.  (And by extension, resulting in your eating ramen and withholding on hygiene to cut down on the cost of living.)

3 Responses to “You know you’re an otaku when…”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    Very nice. Damn quick posting, might I add.

  2. Sabra says:

    1. yep
    2.wanted to, but the school refused to put me in japanese 5 times…
    3. not quite
    4. lol, does yaoi fanfic count?
    5. RL= real life >.< and it IS over-rated
    6. No, only for cons, parades, random days and birthdays (when asked)
    7. Wouldn't do that, but would love to visit! I couldn't ever move from the greatest country in the world!!!
    8. Lol, yep! :P
    9. Yes, especially when in "fangirl" mode
    10. more like 50% for me

  3. Zatoichi says:

    It is terrible: I’m an otaku!

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