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Anime/Manga that’s not only good, but will probably never come to the US

by BakaSamma

Kodomo no jikancover

Kodomo no Jikan.

This series by Kaworu Watashiya is about a new third grade school teacher,Daisuke Aoki age 23, as he takes on teaching his first class fresh out of grad school. Upon entering his classroom for the first time he meets Rin Kokonoe. Unfortunately the time that he enters the room is during the girls changing time and meets her wearing nothing but panties, hair bow’s, and shocked expressions.

The bulk of the story revolves around a trio of “problem” students. Rin, her partner in crime Kuro Kagami and Mimi Usa who’s pure innocence balances out the group. After Rin’s first encounter with her sexually inexperienced teacher, she develops a crush on him and aggressively pursues him. Kuro Kagami also has a bit of a crush on Rin and constantly harasses Daisuke about his lack of sexual experience and inability to maintain discipline in his classroom.

Overall the series is enjoyable, leaving you constantly asking yourself if the teacher is going to take advantage of Rin. Then later in the series as you learn about Rin’s family and past you start asking yourself if she’s actually being abused by her family. While the series never shows a sex act it does have an abundance of vulgar innuendo. Rin and Kuro’s abundance of sexual knowledge is equal parts inappropriate and hilarious.

This manga series has 57 chapters available but I’ve only been able to find up to chapter 53 online from fan scans and season one of the anime. If anyone knows of a place to get the final chapters please post it in the comments, I really would like to know how it ends. Seeing as how most of the humor is borderline pedophilia I don’t see this series being officially released in the US anytime soon.

Kodomo_No_Jikan_-_Rin_Kuro_MimiKodomo Rin The girls are sooo friken cute!

2 Responses to “Anime/Manga that’s not only good, but will probably never come to the US”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    The manga is ongoing. They’ve released up to volume 7 in japan, and volume 8 is still being released chapter by chapter by Futabasha in their monthly publication Comic High!

  2. BakaSamma says:

    Yea, they announced a season two for the anime but I’m not sure when it’s going into production… or if it hasn’t gone into production already.

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