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Category: Anime

Bloody Monday

by IveyLie


This is a manga series that first ran in 2007 and finished in 2009 in Weekly Shonen.  Written by Ryuumon Ryou and illustrated by Megumi Kouji, this manga series has great art and an awesome story.  The style reminds me of Prince of Tennis and the story’s drama and mystery with Death Note.

In one sentence, this is about a genius hacker against a terrorist organization.

Now to give you the longer summary, Bloody Monday is actually the secret and devastatingly sinister plot of an underground terrorist cult organization.  In comes a teenage boy, Fujimaru Takagi aka “Falcon,” who hacks and decodes for a Japanese anti-terrorist group.   Fujimaru becomes embroiled in the Bloody Monday scheme when he is given the task of decoding data extracted from the corpse of an ex-KGB spy.  After cleverly making his own “custom supercomputer,” he and his friends realize that it’s footage of what appears to be a viral outbreak in which people within seconds die after coughing out blood, bleeding from their eyes, and boiling of the skin.   Unknowingly after watching the gruesome scene, they all become targets of the cult organization.

I am extremely impressed with this series, especially since this series is smart.  It doesn’t give obvious clues to the story but the subtle hints are there.  Nicely researched, at least nothing that I could tell was an absolute lie and unrealistic.  Although I would have preferred it if the story had more references to history, especially since it centers around Russia’s secret projects during the Cold War.

I read this series within a day and it’s 11 volumes long.  This is a quick, witty, and high impact story wrapped in beautiful artwork.  You will not be disappointed with this series since there isn’t a slow moment in the story.  Bloody Monday delivers great surprises, wonderful story development, and satisfies that little devilish and childish wish of  being a hacker prodigy.

I wish I could give decimal points, so I’ll just give it a 9 out of 10.

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