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Do you have a desire to investigate and learn?

by BakaSamma


Short n simple. Curious?… ehh…. EHHH!?

Product evolution by listening to customer feedback and implementing them into the new designs

The PSP 1000. Sony’s leap into the hand held gaming world

It was kinda big and clunky and the battery life sucked. You couldn’t even finish watching a movie with out having to plug in a charging cable. Umd media allowed for decent 3D on a hand held for the first time. The only big gripe people had was the lack of a second analog stick for easy camera movement in 3D games.

Sony’s answer the PSP 2000

Sleeker and smoother with better sound and a longer battery life, sweet! Coming in a plethera of colors like black, silver, and… God of War red… Madden blue! Once again, however, there is a noticeable lack of a second analog stick. Overall though an improvement.

Time goes on and Sony bring out another remodel the PSP 3000

Oh yea, 3rd times the charm! They got it down this time! < /sarcasim>
Serious? Are you FRIKEN cereal Sony? You’re gonna give you a bigger screen like people wanted but were gonna sacrifice the battery life to do it. You know the one thing EVERYONE hated the first time around. Oh and we know everyone’s been whining about a second analog stick since the PSP 1000 but Sony’s just not ready yet… sigh.

Hey look yet another remodle… PSP Go!

AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa! What the EFF Sony. You made the system smaller, cool. You took out the UMD drive and made the screen smaller, the things that was draining all of the other systems battery life and yet some how the battery life sucks even more on this version. Not to mention you make my collection of UMD movies and games uncompilable with the new system. FRIKEN INGENIOUS!!! Oh and Sony also said Eff you to the second analog stick.

Learning from your mistakes, Sony…. your doing it wrong.

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