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Female Costumes, the Good and the Absurd

by IveyLie

Video game and anime studios often target the young male population by beautiful, busty, and barely clothed girls or women.  Unfortunately, I think it’s working.  Although I do sometimes think the costume design is unique and creative, there are some that look shockingly ridiculous and impractical.  Of course you can argue that it’s wearable, but to battle?  No woman in her right mind would go jogging without a tight sports bra, so fighting in loose costumes isn’t going to happen.

Here I bring you a collection of what is passable in battle and what would not only get you killed but laughed at.

The Impractical.

tales-of-vesperia-judith Judith from Tales of Vesperia

Surprisingly, I like her costume.  I wouldn’t want to go to battle with it, but she is supposed to be very agile.  Although there were some arctic glacier scenes… oh, that just sounds painful.

VelvetConcept02 Velvet from Odin Sphere

Lovely game and so is its successor.  However, why would anyone want to go out in this? Oh my god!  I just realized how her homing chains complement her lingerie look with that extra kinkiness!  >__<

FFXII Fran Fran from Final Fantasy XII

I’m also surprised that I kinda like her design.  She is an archer so she doesn’t need as much armor… though as an archer shouldn’t she know that sharpshooters can easily pick out the holes in her outfit?  Also…am I the only one reminded of the playboy bunny?

Ivy Ivy from Soul Caliber

Wtf?  This is by far the most ridiculous outfit for a woman.  At least the others cover the bare essentials, this one doesn’t even do that.  That’s right, protect your feet and arms, but not what keeps you alive.  -____-  Argh!  I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in it.

The Good!

Miakis Miakis from Suikoden V

I love her boots, gauntlets, and especially her somewhat elaborate chest piece. Yes, ladies and gents, her armor covers the most important part!  The entire torso!

278718-so3_maria_traydor_large Maria Traydor from Star Ocean

Note her sneakers and not high heels.  Sturdy leather like armor which covers everything.  Hey you could even argue that there’s probably a bullet proof vest underneath!

chris lightfellow Chris Lightfellow from Suikoden III

Yes! Another one which covers her arms, feet, and TORSO effectively.  She not only looks regal, beautiful, and authoritative, but she looks kick ass!

legend-of-dragoon-rose Rose from Legend of Dragoon

Dark and sexy…see guys?  You can have a babe with thick armor.

mgs3_the_boss The Boss from Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

Tight, form fitting, and light. Great for close quarter combat.  I’m sure it’s made of special protective material since she is after all The Boss.  The Boss, that’s right.

samus1_2 Samus from Metroid

I thought this was the best female armor.  No, not the blue leotard suit!  Seriously, great protection, compact travel ball, big guns, you have it all!

2 Responses to “Female Costumes, the Good and the Absurd”

  1. Zatoichi says:

    The first picture is the best!

  2. TheOnlyJoe says:

    Why thank you, I handpicked that one :)

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