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Nintendo DS Hidden Gems – Retro Gaming Challenge

by BakaSamma


A few blast from the past… well more like games inspired from past blasts
…err what ever its fun!

This didn’t get a whole lot of hype when it came out which is a shame because it’s really fun. The concept of the game is that Arino(a self proclaimed gaming king) transports you to the past where you must complete a few sets of challenges before you can be sent home. The games are inspired by classic games,(I’m guessing they couldn’t get the copy wright laws for the real ones) with a few little twist and tweaks.

I’m a child of the 80′s and have played many of the original games bundled in Retro Gaming Challenge. They were fun then and are equally so now with the added challenge aspect. Challenges range any where from completing stage one in a Galaga-esk game to earning 1000 gold in a Dragon warrior-esk game. So if you’ve played these games in the past its fun to revisit. If you’ve never even heard of these games then learn a bit about how gaming was before achievement points or trophies… wow I feel really old now.


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