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Price is Right 2010 Edition – Nintendo DS

by BakaSamma

Price is Right 2010 Edition

This game can be summed up with a quote from a movie legend…


Nice try Ubisoft, but fail. I can see the appeal here, all of the Price is Right games are fun so why not put them into a game. The execution of this game is off. There are four characters to choose from. A generic overweight black woman, some random military guy, a blond punk kid, or a blue-haired old lady. I would have been happy with a generic stick man to be honest.

Every thing in the game feels sluggish. Even the title screen take close to a minute just to load. With a game show game I want to just get to the games but every thing takes for…….ever which seems odd because the graphics are horrible. It makes me wonder whats taking so long to load.

I hate this trend in video game. Ubisoft is a huge violator of cranking out crap games with only a big name license to back them up. They are fully capable of creating good games and have done so in the past but it’s cheaper to make crap. The sad thing is ignorant people buy this crap up because of the big name license causing more crap games to be made.

Do the gaming world a favor, DO NO BUY THIS GAME!

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