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Category: Anime

Veritas a boys persuit of vengence and… kamehameha?

by BakaSamma


My initial reaction to Veritas is to think Rival Schools minus the sports.

This series starts out with the main character, Gangryong Ma, getting saved by a mob of attackers. He’s so impressed with his saviors strength that Gangryong determinately sets out to make the mystery man his master. After a few months (years even, it’s not really specified) of stubbornly following an intense training regiment given “jokingly” by Gangryong’s savior, Yoochun AKA Lighting Tiger, Gangryong is eventually accepted as Lightning Tigers disciple. With a new master Gangryong is introduced to a new class of martial arts where practitioners can control the elements through ki manipulation. As soon as Gangryong receives the basics of E.O.T.L (Enlightenment of Thunder and Lightning) his master tells him that he is off to an unavoidable battle against a dangerous group and that Gangryong must stay behind and find his own path to the higher levels of EOTL.

Less than a year after their separation Gangryong is approached by a mysterious group called Reunion. They inform him that they just killed his master and then unexpectedly invite Gangryong to join a school for students looking to advance their martial arts. Gangryong accepts with the prospects of using the school to gain the power he needs to take revenge for his master.

I compared Veritas to Rival Schools not only because of the “school for fighters” aspect but because one of the characters uncanny resemblance to like Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters series.

Veritas is an enjoyable read, with an interesting story and art work. Not to mention a bit of fan service.

One Response to “Veritas a boys persuit of vengence and… kamehameha?”

  1. Zatoichi says:

    I like this manga too. It is really good and interesting.

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