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Astro Boy the Video Game

by BakaSamma


Ya know, every once in a blue moon a game based off a licensed movie is actually pretty good.

This aint one of them! Imagine a good game… like, oh I dunno,

Astro Boy Omega Factor is a solid side scroll-er for the Gameboy Advance with responsive controls and decent graphics, for the GBA at least. The levels are split between action platforming where you punch, kick, and shoot your way to the end, as well as some side scrolling flight levels where you dodge enemy fire and blast them out of the sky. As you progressed through the game you can power Astro Boy up by increasing the level of his attack, jet boots, and laser cannons.

Astro Boy the Video Game is like Imagi studios ate Omega factor and digested out all of the fun and crapped out a “new” game. Seriously, it is the same game but with a few notable differences.

First off the once tight and responsive controls are now sluggish and non responsive. Almost as if Astro Boy was struggling… like he was smeared in fecal matter that was making it difficult to move.

The graphics are sad too. Omega Factor came out nearly five years ago and the graphics look better. You think with FIVE YEARS of advancement and being on an advanced console generation would show some improvement. This game looks as if Omega Factors graphics were dipped in a highly acidic enzyme cocktail and then congealed into a fecal like state. Crap… just crap.

Oh, and the leveling system is completely taken out.

So if you’ve seen the new Astro Boy movie and find yourself craving some Astro Boy hand held action, track down a copy of Omega Factor. Lets just pretend Astro Boy the Video Game never happened.

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