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Dementium II

by TheOnlyJoe


The hit Horror-adventure Dementium: The Ward has a sequel set to be released next February.

For all who haven’t played Dementium: The Ward on DS, you basically play a guy that wakes up in a blood-covered zombie/monster-infested hospital and has to find his way out. The game was more action oriented than plot oriented, and for a good reason too (though I can’t say, because it would spoil too much). When the game ends, it leaves the player with the impression that there’s going to be a sequel; in fact, it more or less says it outright.

Having been a fan of the first Dementium, I’m looking forward to some explanations, serious character development, and more of a focus on the storyline; unless of course, the game should end like the original (which would be a huge letdown). According to Craig Harris of IGN, the game appears to put more of a focus on storyline this time around; though bear in mind this is the same writer that said the sequel was not a continuation of the original story. Sadly enough, even the trailer makes the fact it’s a continuation painfully obvious.

Oh well, not just anyone can be a paid writer for IGN I suppose. But I digress; the main thing here is that Dementium is getting a sequel, and that I’m looking forward to its release.

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