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Ike! Inachû takkyû-bu Ping Pong Club

by BakaSamma


This series answers what if Mike Judge was in Japan during 1994.

The easiest way to describe this series is to call it a Japanese Bevis and Butt-head, minus the music.

This series revolves around seven Inu Junior High students in their after school ping pong club. More specifically the boys ping pong club in their attempts to fight off the evil girls club’s coach who is trying to take over the boys practice room. The only problems is the time they could be using to practice and better them selves is spent goofing off and scheming on how to seduce women.

The characters involved are Takeda, who seems to be the club president/captian. The series never really mentions it but hes the one who “tries” to get every one to practice so they can do better in tournaments. The thing is as soon as the rest of the guys run off on some stupid adventure, Takeda will whine about how they should be practicing but then run off after them to join in on the fun.

Maeno is the shadow leader. He’s the one who comes up with most of the schemes and the one getting every one into trouble, this series Butt-head if you will.

Whats Butt-head with out his Bevis? Hiromi Izawa takes on the roll being Maeno’s wing man. Hiromi is an odd guy with his hair styled like the star from Ashita no Joe. He’s quick to put on drag for little skits for attention.

Kinoshita is the school pretty boy, constantly having girls chase after him. Some time into the series Maneo and Hiromi dress him up as a girl only to find out he makes a more beautiful woman than he does a pretty boy. So much so that another club member, Tanaka completely falls for him.

Tanaka is a tiny little guy with a head size that matches his perversion… HUGE. Any little word that has anything sexual about it, even if it’s not in context with the conversation will send Tanaka off into one of his perverted fantasies.

Then there is the token American transfer student Mitchell Gorō Tanabe. He’s a kind character but completely stereotypical American, tall, hairy, blond, blue eyed, and horrible body odor. He wins most of his matches when he raises his arm to serve and his opponent faints.

Finally there’s Kiyoko, the only girl in the club. Some how the guys trick her into becoming the clubs manager. She’s a rebellious tom boy who has a bit of a mutual crush with Takeda. The only problem is the two fear an actual relationship because of what Maeno and Hiromi would do to them if they found out.

This series is full of crude humor and if your into that its great but if your showing it to someone who’s not you get a lot of “what the hell is wrong with Japanese people” and just “why?” in general. This is a good series if you just want a stupid comedy to watch but I must warn you. There is nudity however it is not anything that you would want to see.

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