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Category: Game

Nostalgia DS

by BakaSamma


Huray! Another RPG for the DS.

This made me Nostalgic of every other turn base RPG I’ve already played. Sorry. This game suffers from what many turn base RPGs suffer lately. It brings nothing new to the table. It’s full of cliches and everything feels like I’ve done it before.

The setting of the game is a fantasy world with real life locations in a 19th century type era. Hurray steam punk! While attempting to rescue a maiden from some cult Gilbert Brown, and adventurer, goes missing. You take on the role of Edward Brown and his search for his father and the mystery about the girl he was trying to help. Oh and airships!

Game play is set up like your standard cookie cutter turn base RPG. you get a three man party and go at it with your standard attack, magic, skill, and item commands.

The game looks like a mid life Playstation one game. Which is about average quality on the DS. Character and environments are low poly 3d having a cartoon like textures rather than realistic.

Sound isn’t bad but nothing special or memorable.

There is a bit of replay value with some new dungeons and enemies to exploare and battle after you finish off the final boss.

If your desperate for a RPG on the DS then give it a go but over all meh.

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