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Category: Anime

Strike Witches

by BakaSamma


A world where using magic causes you to grow animal ears and tail. Also a world where women are not allowed to wear pants, panties and swim suits only!

In an alternate universe 1939 the Neuroi invade earth and destroy the worlds major populated areas forcing the inhabitants to flee. Soon after humanity strikes back with the development of anti-Neuroi weapons called “witches brooms” otherwise known as striker units. These units tap into the magical power of witches to enhance their physical strength as well as provide a protective barrier against Neuroi’s miasma and weapon fire. Along with attack and defense the Strike Units allow the witches to fly.

The story follows a group of military witches called the 501st Joint Fighter Wing other wise known as Strike Witches as they battle the Neuroi. Yep a cast of mostly women and did I mention no one wears pants? One of the main characters Mio Sakamoto wears a naval officers top with a bikini bottom

Combine the outfits with the camera being constantly drawn to a crotch view to get fan service gold. It’s not all fan service though. The caracter development is good even if some of the characters seem a little one dimentional and the action during the Neuroi battles are fun to watch.

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