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Otakufanboy needs writers!

by TheOnlyJoe


If you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinion on anime/animated features, videogames, and Japanese movies, now’s your chance. is looking for writers, and as long as you qualify, you’ll be able to write for us. There’s a catch however (as there always is): you won’t be paid for your efforts. In fact, the most we’ll be able to do is provide you with a platform to express your opinions. To qualify, you’ll need to send a sample “post” to be reviewed by our editors. Also, be sure to include a picture of the thing you’re reviewing (you can upload it to our image gallery and embed it into your article).

Our only restrictions are that for the most part is a family friendly site so try and keep things PG-13. Ecchi is fine but Hentai is not.

So if you’re still interested, be sure to send your samples to

-Staff of Otaku Fanboy

3 Responses to “Otakufanboy needs writers!”

  1. Ashley Emery says:

    i know you guys have heard of Naruto. Which is a comedy, rimance anime show which br=ecame popular over the years to many teens and kids. But have you ever wondered if the people will ever do new episodes of naruto but in a different style. Like when Naruto and Hinata are together and they have a kid. Or when Sasuke and Sakura are together and they have a kid? Everybody wants to know what will happen and what will be made of this. What happens to tenten and neji? Will this show have it’s perks of romance between the teens? Please tell us what happens. Tell us why Hinata fell in love with Naruto? Something so that the teens and kids have something to be happy about instead of saying that they knew what was going to happen.

  2. Samantha smith says:

    Hello I love your website It’s very cool and your work is awsome :)

  3. BakaSamma says:

    @Ashley Emery, Naruto is still an ongoing series so there’s no real way of knowing what story paths the series will take. I really do hope that Naruto gives up his boyish crush on Sakura and realizes the good thing he can have with Hinata. All I can say is… wait and see.

    @Samantha, Thanks! If you ever want to review or just rant about anime, manga, tech, etc, send a draft to and we’ll work on getting it on the site.

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