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by sergG

Only if this game came out for Dreamcast, then the Dreamcast might have been saved. Yes, the game is that good. I didn’t expect too much of the game when I first pick it up. At first, this game looks like a Devil May Cry want to be, but after playing through several chapters, it’s obviously not a copy-cat. What I would say is: this game is a remix of several very popular games: God of War, Devil May Cry, Shadow of Colossus, Space Harrier, Okami and a arcade style racing game.

bayonetta03 The game play is very simple but it’s very fun. In a regular battle, the system is similar to Devil May Cry. If you are not familiar with Devil May Cry, it’s pretty much a hack and slash with guns. Unlike Devil May Cry, it also have combo like God of War. In this game, when your enemy’s health down to a certain point and if you are at the right location of the enemy, it’ll display an icon of a button. Hit that button, and it will tricker an event. Once the event is over, it may ask you to hit a different button to move on to the next event until the fight is over. This game is also epic, like Shadow of Colossus. What makes it epic is; every other battle you’re fighting a boss like enemy.
If you recall it I mention Space Harrier. Yes, indeed I did. One of the chapter of the game, in fact is Space Harrier; Space Harrier is a 3D on track shooter, like StarFox and Panzer Dragoon. It even have the same music and boss from Space Harrier. What’s different from Space Harrier is; the game-play is even smoother, and has more creative levels and better boss battle. bayonetta05

So, Okami, what how is it possible? Let me explain: later in the game, you will gain the ability to change form, you could change into a cat, play very much like Okami. It even have the flower thing coming behind when it’s running.

Overall, this is a remix of some of the best rated games on the market. This game redefines what modern 3D plat-former should be. The idea is not new, but Sega actually out done itself this time. There hasn’t been a good Sega game for a long time, maybe probably seen Dreamcast. The Graphic is well render and smooth. The control is very responsive and smooth as well. This game also packed with very good sound track, feature a remix of Fly Me to the Moon as its theme song.


This game is a must-buy. And if you have both PS3 and 360, then buy the 360 version. The load time for PS3 is annoying slow. Here is a Sega forum with this topic. Also, if you install to the Hard Drive on the 360, it is lightning fast when loading. The 360 version also run at a higher framerate compare to the PS3.

I own both PS3 and 360. I don’t dislike any of them. Sometimes games just work better on one than the other. Please DO NOT send me any hate mail!!

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The Graphics: Beautiful rendered Background

An Epic boss Battle:

The chapter that plays like an arcade racing game:

The fan Service:

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