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My Sims Agents

by BakaSamma


Collect essences, build random furniture, make random towns folk happy, except now your a secret agent!

…A secret agent that the whole town knows a “Mr. Agent”. If you’ve played any of the past My Sims game then you will feel quite at home here. The story this time around is that you’re a “Secret” Agent and the town of (Insert Town Name Of Your Choice) has received a letter stating that the infamous Thief -V- is going to steal the towns treasure and they have hire you to stop him/her/…it. The thing is that no one in the town even knows what the treasure is, so while trying stop -V- you also have to figure out what the treasure is.

Some time into the games beginning you acquire an essence extractor that will allow you to extract essences from surrounding buildings, water fountains, street lamps, benches, etc. The essences are divided into Three core essences and several sub essences. Items are created by synthesizing core essences with sub essences. So basically you collect essences to make items to complete missions to progress the story with a few mini games in between to make money to buy decorations for your home.

One thing I really like is that the control scheme allows for both total control with the stylus or with the buttons. Not pigeon holing player into one or the other (LOZ Spirit Tracks). Overall it’s fun to play and no big complaints.

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