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Category: Anime

Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

by BakaSamma


I dunno what it is about this series but something seems off…

The story starts off with a woman named Roxy and her party as they take on some mysterious monster. The monster ends up kicking Roxy’s parties but and she is forced to activate a curse placed on her arm that transforms her into a demon. With her new power she seems to overwhelm the monster but instead unknowingly spreads a curse through out the land. Cut to a few years later, Roxy is now a ghost that possess the sword of one of her fallen party members. Barron, a boy who received a similar curse as Roxy finds the sword and goes on a quest to cure himself and the world.

The story follows a generic RPG is plot line. If you meet a character that “fights for justice” then they will end up as a party member. If you find some one who’s a total douche then they will get their butts kicked or will be helped in some way that will cause them to change their ways. Nothing really new is brought to the table leaving this series stuck in blahville.


I love the closing credits… here it is. Untill youtube blocks the audio.

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