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Category: Anime


by BakaSamma


Another work by Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Detective Conan/Case Closed.

The story follows Yaiba Kurogane as he trains to defeat his first rival, Takeshi Onimaru. Onimaru some how acquires the sword of the FÅ«jin the wind god and when he tries to master it is taken over by the wind god that possesses the sword. The demon possessed Onimaru begins to take over all of Japan. In order to defeat Onimaru Yaiba goes on a quest to receive the sword of Raijin the thunder god because that is the only sword that can stand up against the wind god’s sword. The problem is the thunder god sword is also possessed and Yaiba must train to over power the thunder god.

This series is very light hearted and extremely kid friendly. Even the bath house scenes are tame. The plot follows a cookie cutter kids adventure program where the main bad guy keeps sending inept henchmen to attack the hero only to end up teaching the hero new skill he’ll need to defeat the main bad guy. The names of the henchmen are kinda funny as well. Yaiba has to fight such monsters as Frogman, Snake man, Spider Man, Bat Man, and even Sea Cucumber Man!

So if you need a series for a younger viwer, Yaiba good to go.

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