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Happy 勤労感謝の日! 2010

by BakaSamma

Japanese Thanksgiving is, well,,. LAME!
Ok, not really but it is a little different from how the US celebrates it. Basically Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day is officially described as an occasion for commemorating labor and production and giving one another thanks. It was derived from an older harvest festival called Niiname-sai (新嘗祭?) where the Emperor would dedicate the years harvest of cereals and grains to Kami. The only thing that makes it lame is.

I love me some rice but Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without turkey! Also the glorious day after thanks giving meal the Thanksgiving Sandwich.

Those ignorant of the true glory that is the Thanksgiving Sandwich may view the above picture as disgusting, but those that have experienced it know that is is in fact condensed happiness!

Gaijin celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan have come up with some creative ways to get their holiday fix

Some Japanese restaurants are catering to Gaijin with special menu options
Like Turkey Okonomiyaki!

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