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Overused themes in RPG
IveyLie @ 11:58 pm October 14, 2009

If you've played a lot of RPGs, you start wondering whether some of these games just started copying each other or they just happen to pull from the same creative (or not) muse.   Here is a list of recurring themes in RPGs, see if you can think of others who are guilty as well.

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A Witch’s Tale – Nintendo DS
BakaSamma @ 2:01 am

Nippon Ichi targets "goth kids". .

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Harvest Fishing – Nintendo DS
BakaSamma @ 4:22 pm October 13, 2009

Hurray! Another Harvest Moon. .

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Kampfer’s Dark Humor
TheOnlyJoe @ 4:18 pm October 12, 2009

Studio Nomad's new series Kampfer pokes fun at Harakiri and Seppuku with its cute and lovable characters, Seppuku Bunny and Harakiri Tiger. (more.

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The Fuccons
sergG @ 2:17 am

Remember the recent Old Navy Commercial? Well, I am pretty sure this is where they got the ideas. (more.

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Haruhi Movie announced!!
BakaSamma @ 3:26 pm October 10, 2009

Click for trailer (more. .

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Still Curious?
BakaSamma @ 12:25 am

Another week. .

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Letter Bee
Fujii @ 5:23 pm October 9, 2009

Adventure into the forever night of Amberground, where Letter Bee's deliver "heart" (more. .

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Borderlands, Oh me wantey soo bad!
BakaSamma @ 1:32 pm

This game looks amazing. .

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Doggy Poo(Not what you think)
sergG @ 1:44 am

Its a Korean 3D animation. Click on more at your own risk!!! (more.

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