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Girls and Video games?

by IveyLie


Girls and video games?

No! not girls in video games, but them playing video games. Yes people, they really do exist.  Surely you’ve noticed them inside (yes inside! now you’re just being ignorant) video game stores and checking out game displays?  Certainly you’ve noticed them in anime conventions at least.  A good portion of them probably play video games.  Why else do you think there are so many dressed up as Final Fantasy characters?

And puh-lease, I’m not talking about the prepubescent girls who adore those Dress Me Up Barbie games.  (If you are one of these people, yes you are prepubescent, while maybe not in body but in mind.)  Are those even games?!  The games I’m talking about are the ones with action, violence, especially mind-boggling awesomeness!

You might not believe me but here’s a short list of some games that girls play.  If you’re obsessed with the online games, be amazed that you might be interacting with a girl!  And they might be using a male avatar!  Ooh, kinky.

  • Sims – The world of Sims.  What can I say?  It’s a nice simulation game that you can really have fun with.  I mean who wouldn’t want to starve their avatar because you trapped them inside a house with no doors?  And how about the random alien impregnation?
  • Final Fantasy series – Well I guess you can’t go wrong with a little adventure and fantasy mixed with the most badass villains and heroes around right?  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with characters like Sephiroth and Vivi.
  • Animal Crossing – Similar to Sims, but on a whole new level of cuteness.  Admit it! you know what I mean.
  • Legend of Zelda series – This series is decades old, but the adventures of Link and Zelda never tire.  Not to mention that Nintendo has gotten ever more clever in how the players take control of Link.
  • Mario Party/Kart series – Who hasn’t played this over at a friend’s house?  From shooting banana skin projectiles, turtle shell heat seeking missiles, and sabotaging your friends’ characters, revenge can be oh so sweet.
  • World of Warcraft – This game has been advertised on tv with the infamous Ozzy Osbourne proclaiming himself as the Prince of Darkness since the 1970s.  I’m actually certain he doesn’t really play the game since there’s no way to make your avatar look like Ozzy’s.  Oh well.  You can claim to be 1337 though.  Ha ha.
  • Super Mario series – Super Mario, the ubiquitous symbol for Nintendo, just like Mickey is to Disney.  This guy started with jumping and dodging everything Donkey Kong threw at him, and he still saved the girl!  Now the formerly 2D Mario boasts having 3D games, parties, and sports tournaments.
  • Guitar Hero/ Rockband – Guitar skills?  Singing talent?  Nah, who needs real guitars and a good voice when you have…(drum roll please) Guitar Hero and Rockband!  These games are serious fun to play and especially to laugh at your friends.
  • Super Smash Brothers series – An amalgamation of some of the most popular video game characters in existence? Oh yeah!  AND they’re battling each other on random battle fields?  Hell yeah!
  • Geometry Wars – Technically the concept of this game is to shoot your enemies down and dodge enemy fire, like a lot of spaceship shooter games.  However simple-looking this game appears though, the game is wicked fun because you control your ship’s path as well as a 360 degree control of your weapons fire.
  • LittleBigPlanet - I almost hate to say it, but this has got to be the cutest game in existence.  Go little sock puppets-wannabes in cardboard spaceships venturing in backyard type obstacle courses!

3 Responses to “Girls and Video games?”

  1. Haley says:

    I know WoW is the most played MMO but there are WAY better ones out there! Champions Online is all I’m thinking about! PLUS my favorite game of all time Neverwinter Nights 2. It might not have the recognition of Final Fantasy but you can play on LAN and the character depth is a step above any FF I’ve ever played. Oh yeah, also the creepy ones like Bioshock. Mmm, I sure do love games. :)

  2. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    Cooking Mama should be on that list!!!

  3. Sabra says:

    I’m a final fantasy lover… and I’m a girl! FF is love!






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