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Category: Game

Mini Ninjas Nintendo DS

by BakaSamma

A cute little 3D action platformer. This game just feels like it is geared for younger gamers. Everything seems to be simplified. The graphics are merely OK, even for DS standards, no wow factor. Level design is clean and give an incentive for exploring by scattering potion ingredients around the levels.

Combat is easy to grasp. A button for attack and you can hold it down for a power strike. The only problem is the camera. The only camera control is by hitting the left shoulder button to center the camera behind you. The camera will also try to auto adjust but it’s clunky and awkward causing you to run off course frequently. They do improve the camera when you are traversing fence tops and celling beams. Turing left and right rotates the camera instead of turning your character making it easy to not constantly fall off. Puzzles are made up of challenges in the spirit world. Basically when ever you come across a blue puff a smoke a meditate prompt will show up that will transport you to the spirit world which sucks your spirit onto a blank scroll. Once inside you merely have to trace lines to reveal landscape and buildings to reveal evil spirits. Once the spirits are revealed a little timing is involved. You have to trace bridges to pass the evil spirits and as soon as a bridge is made your character will run across.

The story is simple, a mysterious force (*cough*-Eggman) is capturing animals and transforming them into mindless “samurai” warriors (*hack*-robots) and using them to try and take over the world. It’s up to our hero a little ninja (*wheeze*-hedgehog) to venture forth and rescue his friends and stop the evil force...just like Sonic the Hedgehog.
It’s fun but overall not that great.
6/10 Meh’s

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