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Category: Convention

Anime Weekend Atlanta 15 (2009) Pictures

by sergG

We are still sorting out the pictures. There is a lot more than we thought we would have. But we are almost ready. I am posting these pictures today, they are just pictures of the con, they are not cosplay pictures.
The Lobby

Dealers Room


8 Responses to “Anime Weekend Atlanta 15 (2009) Pictures”

  1. ibleedforcheese says:

    Hey guys, do you have more pictures? I have seen a lot of peeps there you know. Do you have some from friday? I came around noon I have seen crazy stuff you should post some

  2. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    Hey, we will slowly release the cosplay photos by series. which series are you looking for , i could post that up 1st.

  3. Sabra says:

    Post the Final Fantasy series up first! I know there wasn’t that many Final Fantasy cosplayers, but it’d be pretty cool.

  4. TheOnlyJoe says:

    I vote the staff pictures for second. :P

  5. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    Joe, we dont have those ready yet..

  6. Usagi says:

    Hey, did you take any pics with Sailor Moon? If I am thinking right, you might have the pic I have been looking all over for. it was taken on Saturday night.

  7. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    I have some, which one are you looking for? I’ll post them up today.

  8. Sergio Guerreiro says:

    This is all the Sailormoon pictures I got. Here is the link

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