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Scribblenauts Nintendo DS

by BakaSamma


Scribblenauts goes by the concept, “Anything you write, you can use.” The game play is pretty simple. Touch the stylus to the left or right of the screen to make the hero, Maxwell move. He will automatically jump over most obstacles in his way.

The real fun is the game’s word recognition. Pretty much any noun you type will appear for you to interact with. Most of the time I played, I was just trying to think of words that the game would not recognize. I started out typing fish and sure enough a generic looking fish appeared, so I thought I would try something a lil’ more specific. I tried salmon and then moved on to sailfish then on to mahimahi. After around 30 minutes of typing in different fish, thoroughly impressed, I realized I was still at the start screen.

Game play is set up with two types of levels: puzzle and action. Puzzle levels are set up simply enough to complete a task given at the start of the level. The goal of action levels is to get to the end where a “Starite” is waiting. Players are rewarded on how fast they complete a stage, how many items they conjure, and how much style they get from how creative they are at completing task. For example one of the first task you are given is to knock over a stack of milk bottles. You can just input baseball and throw it to knock them down or you can conjure up an elephant and drop it on them. I tried using a “Nuke” and while I did knock down the bottles, I also ended up killing everything else on screen and thus failed the challenge.

The rewards given at the end of levels come in the form of “Ollars”, an in game currency used to purchase sound tracks and new playable avatars.

Overall I’m having a lot of fun.  Definite rental with a high recommendation to buy.

8/ 10 meh’s


Mmmmm zombie fighting action!

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