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Category: Anime

Bitter Virgin another high school romance with a twist… depth.

by BakaSamma


Manga artist Kei Kusunoki takes her experience in the horror and comedy manga and attempts a serious romance story… and a heavy one at that.

The story is pretty much a simple high school romance story but with some conflicts that are deeper than what you would find in your average high school romance. The story is about Suwa Daisuke, the playboy of his rural high school. One night while hiding in a church confessional to skip out on work he is mistaken for a priest by one of his class mates. Aikawa Hinako is a plain girl that Daisuke wouldn’t normaly think twice about but after hearing her darkest secret he can’t help but think about her more and more. I’m not going to give away her secret here because once you find out it draws you into the story where you can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I’m not really a big fan of the romance genre and I especially hate high school romance. Mostly because of all the “high school” drama. However I did thoroughly enjoy this series. The story progresses nicely and character development follows suit. The art work is good as well, similar to Girl Saurus and Girl Saurus DX (mostly because it’s the same artist).

So if you have some time, give it a shot. I found it to be an enjoyable read but a word of caution, the series does contain some mature content.

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