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Borderlands… it’s as good as I’d hoped it’d be. – Xbox 360

by BakaSamma


If you read my preview of Borderlands then you know how much I’ve been looking forward to this game.

Gearbox delivers!

The story is pretty simple. There’s an abandoned planet that’s rumored to contain a vault. Inside it vault is rumored to be a vast treasure of alien tech, money, fame, power, and some how women. Your task is to find that treasure. Got it? Good! Now blow crap up.

Graphics are beautiful. Everything is rendered with a cel shaded effect similar to XII and Mirrors Edge. The only down side is that if you move fast enough or shortly after coming out of a loading screen some of the detail takes a moment to load up. Basicaly when you run up to a vending machine it will look like a green box with smudges on the front but a second later all of the detail loads in and you can read it.

Controls are smooth and laid out like Call of Duties control scheme. Movement is fluid and jumping feels responsive… really no complaints here. Vehicles control like Warthogs from Halo ( or the vehicles from unreal tournament as Serg points out).

There’s nothing really special about the background music. It’s there just not really memorable. Some of the fun comes from the characters them selves. Apparently Pandora is inhabited by rednecks. No sweet southern drawls here, just pure hick. The main characters also chime in every now and then with some context sensitive comment. Hearing Roland say “just like Christmas” when he opens a chest never gets old. It gets hard to aim properly when the enemy is screaming, “NO ONE SHOOTS MY FRIENDS BUT ME!!!”.

I’m having a blast!

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