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Borderlands, Oh me wantey soo bad!

by BakaSamma


This game looks amazing…in concept. We’ll have to wait till 10-20-09 to know for sure

Borderlands is being described as a FPS with RPG elements and I know what most people are thinking… hey that’s been done before. The only games that come to mind that did remotely well are Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. Even those felt more like RPG’s with FPS elements and didn’t really capture the run and gun feel of a FPS.

A very cool aspect of the game is it’s content generator. Borderlands boasts that it has the most gun in a single game ever… and it’s true! With their content generator Borderlands can crank out a near infinite combination of stats and play styles for weapons. Adding to the awesomeness is that the game uses the same content generator for enemies, hurray no more boring predictable encounters!

With four character, Borderlands offers four distinctive play styles. Lilith plays like a stealth character with her ability to “phase walk” which simply means she can render herself invisible and increases her mobility. Mordecai is plays as a sniper class with a feathered friend as a spotter whom you can call in to attack your enemies. Brick is your tank class with strength and health regeneration, he just runs and pummels his enemies into a fine pate. Finaly Roland your typical soldier class with the ability to deploy an ground turret for attack and cover. A fun skill of Roland is his cauterize ability, causing his bullets to heal his teammates.

Yes teammates, this game is 4-player Co-Op! The one thing missing from both Fallout 3 and Mass Effect… Friends! Split screen, online, system link, you name it and you and your friends will be playing together.

For more info you can visit the official Borderlands Home page. Or you can watch this handy dandy lil trailer that says all you need to know, Awesome. Summary of the game

Borderlands released an entertaining web series making of that fun but I must warn
Parental guidance suggested due to graphic bleeping.

And a dash of Co-Op Video Hurray!

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