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by sergG


I’m going to say this is a great anime, but it is very plot-less compare to similar high school anime. Most high school(girl) anime last at least until they finish high school. K-on is too good for the length of the series, only 12 episode. Hopefully they will make a 2nd season.

When you watch the 1st episode of K-on, they try to tell you that the final episode is the day they have their concert. Please don’t take that too serious because that was a disappointment if you do.

This series is actually very funny. It talks about 3 high school girls trying to start a band. They first started by joining a club which they found out has no member(previous members had graduated). So they have to start from scratch. To keep the club running they must have 4 people. They got their 4th member by posting an ad. Yuri saw it thought it was something completely different. She doesn’t know any how to play any instruments.

Hope I didn’t spoil this anime for you. That was pretty much the 1st episode.

Overall, it is a good anime, but it’s short.

Here is the opening

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