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Category: Anime

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

by TheOnlyJoe

Macross copy2

SDF Macross takes a love triangle, a war against an alien race, mecha, and the idea that music allows us to transcend barriers, and combines all of them without being a train wreck. I’m not really sure how, but it does.

The story mainly focuses on both the love triangle between Hikari (rookie pilot), Misa (1st lieutenant of the SDF-1), and Lynn Minmay (pop idol), and the war with the Zentradi, an alien race that knows only destruction. By the end of series, both conflicts are resolved, and everything comes to a close. In short, the story is perfectly fine.

As for the quality of the animation, it’s up to par with other mecha anime released during it’s time. Sure it doesn’t look as pretty as Code Geass, but you have to remember that it came out back in 1982; a lot has changed since then (though this should really go without saying).

The English dub is superb. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is Kamjin’s voice actor. He sounds more suited to be a main villain than a sub villain because he tends to overact his lines (like most main villains do). The one thing that’s particularly interesting about the English dub is that Lynn Minmay’s voice actor is the original Japanese voice actor for her character. Cool, right?

The soundtrack consists mostly of Lynn Minmay songs, and the only other memorable tracks besides her songs are the opening and closing themes. For the most part, the Minmay songs are overused throughout the anime. Yes, the songs are catchy, but does “My Boyfriend Is a Pilot” really need to be played every time there’s a mention of Minmay? The song is cute and charming at first, but there’s only so much cute one guy can take.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross is definitely worth watching, and a must see if you plan to watch Macross Frontier.

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