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Muramasa: The Demon Blade

by Fujii


Two warriors fight on in the mystic land of ninja and demons!

KisukeMomohime Now Muramasa is one of those games that can either be really good or flat out horrible, given that it’s pressed into a very set style. Gladly this game delivers, and presents the player with a visually amazing and fun spectacle to behold. You choose one of two characters from the beginning to play through two distinct intertwining stories, Kisuke a ninja with amnesia chased by his fellow kind, and Momohime a princess possessed by an evil spirit forced to flee from her home. Either character provides a good story to follow.


The gameplay mechanics are simple and the controls easy to learn, but by all means does easy controls translate to easy difficulty. Using what the game teaches you through a short tutorial session at the start you must employ counters, special movies, and acrobatics to dodge, block, deflect, and slash your way to victory. The game provides you with a unique system of multiple sword combat through which you switch between three swords at any time during battle to change styles and powers. And trust me on this, without this ability you’d suffer a very harsh and steep road. Rpg elements abound as leveling up and using the unique forge system where the player uses spirit, and soul energy he’s gathered to make new demon swords which becomes more important as you progress. With quite a bit of underlying depth this game is worth your time, so for anyone with a Wii stop waiting and grab a copy today!

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