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Category: Anime

Valkyria Chronicles the anime, based on the hit PS3 game

by Fujii


Guns, Glory, and Silver Haired Girls await in this stunning new drama.

Valkyria Chronicles begins like most war anime, and that is with a moderately slow first episode, you come to know the majority of your main characters and heroes mainly the two whom perspectives carry the most weight, Alicia Melchiott, and Welkin Gunther. You begin to only see the light of how the series is different from other anime close to the last 5-7 minutes of time, and from there it’s all good.


The pace definitely quickens as the battles become more of the focus of the show. Welkin becomes the unexpected hero with his weird yet fascinating tactics that prove to carry him and his squad to victory in almost hopeless situations. You soon find yourself intrigued into how Welkin and his group escape death, and win with every episode and cheer them on.


The story later begins to split with the introduction of the main villains a Prince of the Empire, his staff of generals, their story as well as a growing mystery behind a long forgotten race known as the Valkyrur and their immense power. With an interesting story, solid character design, and very cool early 20th century feel I firmly give this show my approval and recommendation.

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