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Assassin’s Creed II

by BakaSamma


Whats better than a stealth kill with a hidden wrist blade? Getting two kills simultaneously with two hidden wrist blades!

Ok so there’s more to the sequel than just a second wrist blade. They got poison wrist blades… and whores!

The story picks up right after the events of the first game. Literally Desmond is staring at the same freaky mural that ended the first game. Lucy Stillman busts in and after introducing you to another past life, Ezio, she helps you break out of Abstergo. She then informs you that the reason you are able to use Altair’s eagle vision now is due to the Animus’ bleeding effect and to help Desmond become a better assassin they are going to have him synchronize with Ezio. With the bleeding effect, Desmond will be able to absorb years of assassin training in a few weeks. Kinda like a montage.

Game play controls play almost exactly like the previous game with a few added features. Playing as Ezio you can now pick pocket the crowds you walk through for some Italian cash, florins. The introduction of money can only mean one thing. Yep, you get to buy crap. Your life bar doesn’t become larger automatically as you progress through the story, now you have to buy and upgrade armor. There are also a crap load of weapons to buy so you’re not stuck with a standard sword.

Along with equipment to buy, Ezio is eventually put in charge of restoring a small town. The town revenue is collected every 20 min and by restoring the town’s amenities, this increases the revenue rate. Amenities like the town whore house, cause that’s what every town needs. As buildings are restored, they not only add value to the town but also open them up for exploration and usually contain a few hidden treasure chest.

Quests are a lot smoother this time around as well. Ubisoft got rid of the cookie cutter, get a mark then do 3 info gathering quest and then take out your target. Now the quest come a little more naturally. Plus you can kill time between quess byt pick pocketing the crowd for whore money! The whores have a role in the game besides the obvious one. The “blend” system has taken a step up this time around. Instead of staying in the middle of four monks or sitting on a bench, Ezio can now blend into any large group of people walking the streets. The easiest groups are whores since you can “hire” them and they will follow you around.

Graphics are great.  Everything just looks…pretty! The sound is amazing as well. The sound of wrist blades slicing through guards is spine tingling.

Overall if you liked the first one this is a must have.

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