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Drawn to Life : The Next Chapter

by BakaSamma


A game where you can save the world!… as a giant penis?

So first off… Yes I am that immature, and no you don’t have to save the world as a giant penis but given the option, that’s the route I took. I’m not sexist, well I try not to be, it’s just drawing a giant vaj is hard with the design constraints.

If you played the first Drawn to Life game then you know the basic concept. The world of Raposa is being taken over by some mysterious force and the people ask for help from “the creator”. You take on the roll of the creator and all of the stuff you draw becomes real. If the Raposa need a hero, you draw one up and presto the Raposa get a hero. Easy enough. Game play is set up like an action platformer but as you go through levels you’ll come across creation easels and have to create objects for your hero to use.

The Next Chapter takes place after the events of the first game. Wilfre is back and is taking all of the color from the world and the Raposa once again call upon help from the creator.

There have been a few improvements to this game over it’s predecessor. First off you can skip all of the annoying cut scenes. I say cut scenes but its more like endless scrolling of text full of Raposa whining and repeating themselves over and over again. There is also a new puzzle element where you can physicaly draw in the leven and have you hero interact with your drawings… Basically you draw platforms for your hero to reach area’s it needs to get to.

Controls are a lot tighter this time around but over all not much has changed.

The designs restraints boxes are still there but now there is an option to zoom in making details much more easier. There are a lot more customizable items this time around as well. For example you can design the projectile your gun shoots. You can also design the health item, since I made my hero a giant penis I had to decide between either an Enzyte or Viagra pill as a health item. (I went with a Viagra, the blue diamond shape is easier to see.) It’s the little things that make you feel so proud.

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