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Category: Anime

Battle Programmer Shirase

by BakaSamma


A series with a geek hero? Awesome!

Akira Shirase is a freelance programmer with some “special” skills. Special skills like being able to listen to music and have the mental capacity to extract the song real-time into MP3 data. With his skills he could easily be rich beyond his dreams and wasting away on some tropical island but Shirase dosen’t work for money. The only payment he accepts are goods only a true tech otaku could appreciate.

This series is pretty short added to the fact that each episode is pretty short as well. The series runs through 5 story arcs in a total of 15 episodes. The thing is each episode is only about 12 min long. That’s including the 3 min of opening and closing as well as a few min of recycled footage for an ongoing joke. So really the show only gets about 9 min each episode.

Even with the short episodes the story is fun to watch. One of the things I found odd is the the protagonist the “Kind of America”… If you’re guessing stereotypes galore then… YOUR RIGHT! Every American show in the series is overweight and has a “WcDonalds” milk shake some where close by. Whats even more messed up is that the “King of America” is actually a Japanese foreign exchange worker. But all is forgiven because at least it’s funny.

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