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Category: Fandom


by TheOnlyJoe

It’s your friendly emissary from hell Supaidāman.

The Amazing Spider-Man of 1977 didn’t fare so well; it was considered as far removed from the source material, only lasted 15 episodes, and even Stan Lee had qualms about it. Well it’s a good thing he didn’t see the Japanese adaptation because he might have dropped dead.

Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army invaded Planet Spider, which inspired a guy named Garia to chase him to earth only to end up trapped in a cave with poisonous spiders. After having endured the poisonous spiders for hundreds of years, Garia attempts to contact Takuya so that he can pass down the powers of Supaidāman and ultimately claim vengeance on the Iron Cross for their destruction of his home planet.


So yeah, this Supaidāman has nothing to do with the marvel Spiderman. I’m not even really sure how the studio that produced this thing acquired the rights to use his name and character design. So now I know you’re thinking, “If the series has nothing to do with Spiderman, why should I be interested?” Only one reason in particular: it’s freaking hysterical.

Cheesy fighting sequences, uncomfortable close-ups, downright goofy looking villains and bad acting all make Supaidāman worth watching. And the best part is (besides the fact that it’s currently being streamed on the official marvel site), is that it doesn’t even try to be a serious adaptation; almost as if the directors really wanted to make it a comedy.

In short, Supaidāman is not for the faint of heart. You should only watch it if you’re looking for a good laugh (or a good facepalm).

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