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Category: Anime

Blue Dragon Ral Grado

by BakaSamma


In the world of light shadows are taking over.

Not to be confused with Blue Dragon…

The human world exist in the world of light. Coexisting is the world of shadow where evil beings lack the dimension of a physical form called Kage(shadow). The shadow world has found a way to come into the world of light by posessing the shadows of living beings from the light world. The Queen of darkness Obscuria is consuming humans to gain their intelligence and their beauty.

The main character Ral was possesed by the blue dragon Grado while still a baby. His father found out and imprisoned him in the castle dungeon were no light could reach. Apparently the way to seal a Kage’s power is to keep any light from reaching it. Fifteen years later after it is established that Ral is not taken over by the dragon kage and still maintains his free will he is released to help defend his home from the kage trying to destroy it.

The time that Ral spent imprisoned he was taught by an instructor named Mio. After being released one of the first things that Ral notices is that his teacher has a body that is different from his. Mostly because shes female. After bargaining to have his teacher teach him more about the female body if he defends the castle from kage attacking Ral discovers his resolution for fighting. Ral fights to protect women, more specifically their breast.

The blue dragon Grado wants to kill Obscuria so he can change the corrupt way that the kage are existing in the world of light. This works out well with Ral’s resolution to fight because Obscuria is consuming women, and less women in the world means less breast. That’s just not right.

This series is a fun read full of action and fanservice.

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