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Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

by BakaSamma


Shooting a 12 year old never felt more patriotic.

Modern Warfare 2 is what we’ve come to know, love, and expect from the Call of Duty series. The Graphics are excellent, sound is great, and the controls are tight, responsive, and fluid. It’s all of the new content and features that truly bring this game up to another level. The campaign follows the events after the first Modern Warfare, the worlds governments and their military actions against terrorist.

There is one level that has brought up a lot of controversy. You go under cover into a terrorist cell and accompany them on a mission. The controversial part is that the mission is a terrorist attack on an airport where the cell slaughters every civilian in site. Infinity Ward spared no gory detail either. Most of the crowd runs for their lives but there are a few who try to fight back… unsuccessfully. You can even see a few trying to pull loved ones to safety only to get gunned down. It doesn’t really sound so bad on paper but actually having to follow a group of men as they mow down hordes of innocent people is a powerful image. I’m glad Infinity Ward kept it in the game but there is an option to skip if you feel that it would offend. But enough of the campaign mode, no one is really playing it any way. The real heart of the game is in it’s multiplayer.

First off, the call signs and emblems. These are simply small graphics to customize you character that pop up on a players screen after you’ve killed them and vice versa. Call signs are small banners and emblems are a small graphic that overlays onto the call sign. Different versions of these are unlocked when some of the games challenges are completed. They’re not really necessary but are a fun little side thing to collect.

Player perks are still available but not as many as in previous CoD games. The added feature this time around is now you can level up your perks. Something like “Stopping Power” starts off the same as it did in previous titles giving your gunfire more damage against enemies, now by leveling it you get added damage to vehicles as well. This comes in handy when people are taking cover behind cars. With the leveled stopping power you can quickly blow up the car and kill every one surrounding it.

One of the more enjoyable new features is the ability to customize you kill streak rewards. As you kill multiple opponents in a row with out dieing you get kill streak rewards which would do things like bring up a radar to show enemy positions or call in an air strike. Now you can choose what rewards you want. You can have three rewards active from a list but only one with the same number of kills tier.
3 Kills – UAV – A radar that shows enemy positions
4 Kills – Care Package - Drops off a random kill streak reward or ammunition (no tactile nukes though >,<)
4 Kills – Counter UAV – James enemy radar
5 Kills – Sentry Gun – A small turret that will automatically fire at enemies
5 Kills – Predator Missile – A controllable missile that falls from the sky
6 Kills – Precision Airstrike – Jets fly by and drop a payload of bombs in a designated path
7 Kills – Harrier Strike - A Harrier jet drops a bomb payload and then hovers around firing at enemies
7 Kills – Attack Heli – A helicopter flies around firing at enemies
8 Kills – Emergency Airdrop - Four care packages are dropped carrying amo or random kill streak rewards
9 Kills – Pave Low – A low flying helicopter flies around firing at enemies
9 Kills – Stealth Bomber – An air strike is called it that cannot be seen by enemy radar
11 Kills – Chopper Gunner – You get to control the gunner seat in an attack helicopter
11 Kills – AC-130 – You get to control the gunner seat of an AC-130 attack plane
15 Kills – EMP – An electrical blast that shorts out enemy electronics (radar, heart sensors, etc)
25 Kills – Tactical Nuke - …It’s a nuke! You drop the bomb and instantly win any multiplayer game

Literally Tactical Nuke FTW!

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