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Super Mario Bro. Wii, Everything that is expected

by sergG


The “New Mario Bro. Wii”, it’s everything old school and everything we want.

Everybody should at least have heard of Super Mario at some point in life. Nintendo has outdone themselves again for this Mario game. This one actually plays like the old school Mario and is also multi-player! It has the power up cards like Mario Bro 3. And they even bring Yoshi back as a ridable character.

It starts with Princess Peach having a birthday party. And then of course she getting kidnapped again by Bowser Jr. There isn’t much of a story, but that is expected for a Mario game. It has 9 worlds, 2 boss levels per world, just like the DS Mario Bro.

The multi-player mode can be challenging. It is both co-op and competition at the same time. So, the game play all depends on who you are playing with. You could play with up to 4 players in this game. There is Story mode, Free mode, or Coin Collecting mode. The multi-player mode in this game is as good as Super Smash Bro. I have to say this is one of the best party games.

Overall, this is another Mario Game, but one of the best. MultiPlayer mode and Gameplay is outstanding. Graphics is just like the previous version on the DS.

Video of MultiPlayer

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