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Dragon Ball Z : Attack of the Saiyans DS

by BakaSamma


Another Dragon Ball game.

Yep, another one, and a turn base RPG as well. The story takes place during the events at the end of Dragon Ball and over the first arc of Dragon Ball Z.

The game story takes place just after Shenlong revives every one who was killed by King Piccolo. While Goku is off to be trained by Kami every one else is left behind to get stronger, namely Krillin, Tein, and Yamcha. The story continues on with the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and eventually to when Vegetta and Nappa attack the Earth.

Game play is a simple three party, turn base RPG style with a few new added features. Sparkling mode… no the DBZ characters don’t go Twilight on us. Sparking mode works kind of like a limit break, as a character is hit of makes a successful attack a meter charges. Once the meter is fill they enter Sparking mode which just looks like they are doing Kao kan. While in Sparking mode characters can perform a Ultimate Skill or link up moves with other characters in Sparking mode for extra damage. Along with standard exp leveling character earn Ap points to level up their Skills, Ultimate Skills, and individual stats. They also added an active guard feature that works like Super Mario RPG, pressing a button just before an attack will lower the damage and some times cause the attack to miss completely. Attack of the Saiyans adds to this by having to press a button corresponding to which character is being attacked. X for the top character, Y for the middle, and B for the bottom.

The graphics are what we’ve come to expect from Dragon Ball RPG’s. Small sprites with Large stills for conversations. Nothing is really being pushed here, it looks pretty much like a GBA game. In fact there is very little use of the touch screen, this could very well have been released on the GBA. The touch screen is use mostly for menus and to show which capsule item is currently active. Capsules work kinda like relics from FF series allowing effects like sprinting or being able to move through poison clouds with out taking damage. It doesn’t look bad, it’s just nothing spectacular.

The sound is meh. The character’s sound effects are pretty nice, Goku even sounds like his Japanese voice actor but the background music sucks. It’s just generically blah. It would have been nice to have some of the BG music from the series but I guess people are getting tired of them… but I think it has more to do with Bandai not getting the licensing for it.

Overall if you looking for a decent RPG with a lot of easter eggs and throw backs from the DBZ universe give Attack of the Saiyans a go. There are a lot of little side missions that add on to the story that range from helping out some villagers to collecting the Dragon Balls.

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