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Category: Anime


by TheOnlyJoe


Disclaimer: This is NOT an anime suitable for children. There’s S&M, gratuitous amounts of blood, S&M, sexually suggestive scenes along with outright depictions of sex, and did I mention it had S&M?

Mnemosyne is a sexually charged supernatural mystery. The first four episodes focus on the protagonists (Rin and Mimi) handling “special requests” from clients (find my cat, find my stamp, etc), and the last two focus on the underlying plot (angels, immortals, and the tree of life). More times than not, the girls find themselves in situations where their sole source of information is a woman who’s only interested in having sex with them. Yes, because when your characters have no definite source of income, the only thing they have of value is their bodies. Meanwhile, there’s an assassin running around trying to off our main character, a biologist that’s hell bent on discovering the answers to the series many unanswered questions, and an immortal hermaphrodite whose only ambition is to make our protagonist suffer.

What do I think of it? It’s alright. Even though the series does answer a good deal of the questions raised, it still leaves quite a few unanswered. To sum it up, the story isn’t one of the more satisfying elements.

With all of its beautifully gory scenes, it’s no wonder that Mnemosyne was produced by Genco, the same studio that brought us Elfen Lied. As for character design, it’s a bit more mature than Elfen Lied’s cutesy killing machines (the unfortunate side effect of this is that it’s easier to empathize with the characters when they endure any form of pain).

Most of its background music is…well, background music; none of it stands out. The opening and closing tracks are great right up until the lead singer picks up the microphone. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to find the karaoke versions.

As for voice acting, the only character that seems out of place especially when compared to the rest is Mimi’s; she has the voice of a little girl, and this made certain explicit sequences rather awkward (perhaps it’s an attempt to appeal to all the lolicons). Other than that, the rest of the cast is stellar.


Yeah, reeeally awkward.

All in all, if you’ve got around four hours to kill, do yourself a favor and check out Mnemosyne. It’s violent sexy fun for the entire family! (Assuming of course, that family consists of members eighteen years of age or older)

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