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Category: Anime

Kemeko Delux

by BakaSamma


So, after watching 12 episodes… I still don’t know what the hell is going on!

The series starts off with a small girl telling a boy,Sanpeita Kobayashi, that she has to go away for ten years, the time it would take for a little glowing green ball she’s carrying to sprout. She then goes on to explain that when she returns she wants to marry the boy and then the boy eats the ball. Ok, weird but whatever.

Cut to ten years later a meatball looking girl crashes through Sanpeita’s roof claiming to be his bride while blowing away some tachikoma looking robots with a gatling gun. It turns out that the meatball looking girl is actually a kind of mech suit and the pilot is a girl who looks a lot like the girl Sanpeita promised to marry ten years ago. The only problem is that she strait up says that she is not the girl and that she also has to protect Sanpeita from a “universal” electronics company called Mishima.

12 episodes packed with filler and little plot I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! That being said the series is still fun to watch. The animation quality is pretty good and voice acting follows suit. There is a full cast of lovable characters. Watching Sanpeita’s little sister get soo excited about being allowed to go along on a summer trip and then nearly loose it when she gets to wear a yukata and go to a fireworks festival is soo moe! On the other hand, I don’t know when I have hated a main character as much as I do Sanpeita. I honestly believe the series would be better if they just cut him out completely and focused of every one else.

Overall it’s a fun watch full of WTF. I’m guessing I should read the manga if I want to know what the hell is going on though.

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