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Category: Game

Family Feud 2010 Eddition DS

by BakaSamma


Yes, the age old traditional way to settle arguments with each other…

By guessing the most popular answers to surveys.

Yep, another TV game show video game. Instead of spending all of mine/your time going over all of the bad this game has to offer, I thought I’d just go over what was done right. Less wrighting/reading that way.

Game play! Everything is handles through the touch screen. Most of the game play consist of tapping a buzzer and then typing in an answer… Not much to screw up there. They did add the option of tapping the screen to skip the announcers multiple speeches and the animation sequences to make the game flow much faster. As you beat other families you earn money and unlock clothing and hair styles and such to customize your avatar.

Graphics are meh, with the avatar customization comes a bit of diversity but you only make one character. So I guess the old saying is true, “ya can’t pick your family”.

Sound is meh as well. They do have the iconic theme song but over all nothing memorable.

With over 1000 surveys there is quite a bit of play with this game. Unfortunately with ever game like this eventually there will be repeats and it becomes a game of memory instead of knowledge. However with the 1000 surveys it may take a while.

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