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Microsoft is at it again

by sergG

I am sure most of you have heard that Microsoft has started banning system with modification. Here is a list of stuff that happened if you got banned.

1. your xbox is now a paper weight(more or less)
2. your xbox can no longer go online with xbox live
3. your media extender no longer works. You could still steam media through the media option on 360 but it is very limited.
4. your hard drive is now useless, you could only use it to save game. Meaning that you cannot use your hard drive with game install or game update. That also includes Live Arcade games.

These ban is detected by dvd firmware not by game. So, even if you use a store bought game in your modded system, you will still get banned.

Other than all the bad news for you modders. Here is a good news. Project Natal is set for Late next year!.

One Response to “Microsoft is at it again”

  1. TheOnlyJoe says:

    Amongst the many communities of the internets, there are three reactions to the recent massive banning of Xbox Live accounts:

    1) Pirates are the scum of the earth, and they deserve what they get.
    2) Microsoft is the scum of the earth, for reasons X,Y, and Z.
    3) (And my personal favorite) I guess I’ll be buying a PS3 then.

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