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Category: Anime

Nyan Koi!

by BakaSamma


The ageless story of boy likes girl / girl likes cats / boy has cat allergies.

Kousaka Junpei is a second-year high school student who loaths cats due to a sever cat allergy. Which sucks for him because the girl Kousaka has a major crush on just happens to adore cats. That and one day while walking home from school Kousaka accidental beheads the shrine statue of Neko-Jizou-sama, a local cat deity. This leaves Kousaka with a curse placed on him. He can understand cats and has to fufill 100 of their wishes or he himself will be turned into a cat and with his allergies, could prove fatal.

It’s a light hearted series with some enjoyable characters. It follows a cliched formula of a boy having a huge crush on a girl but not being nutt up and ask her out. How ever it does it well and you really start hoping that they will actually get together. Also the cats nyaa-speak is ridiculously cute. It’s a fun twist on the comedy high school romance series.

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