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IL 2 Sturmovik : Birds of Prey

by BakaSamma


Looking for a flight sim game full of fun mid air dogfights, responsive controls, anything that closely resembles real world physics, and being able to fly a plane who’s call tags do not contain the phrase, “Rape Me Horribly in the Sky”?

LOOK ELSEWHERE! I know it’s a $20 bargain bin game but… this one sucks! I’ll admit I had fun with this game, for about 2 min. Pitch and Roll controls are fine for basic movement, so for easy dogfights your fine. A main control aspect missing is control over your planes yaw which makes tweeking your vectors for bombing runs a pain in the buttaku! Oh man, bombing! It’s not that doing it in the game is impossible, it’s just so hard you don’t care.

Common sense and physics denotes that if I’m flying a plane vertically upwards my mass and the effects of gravity would cause my speed to drop. The reverse can be said as well, If I’m plummeting head first direct towards the earths surface one might think that I would experience an increase in speed. The game feels like your flying in outer space with a massive planar wall blocking one dimension of movement. Except not being as cool as simulated space flight.

From what I heard the IL Sturmovik series on the PC is actually pretty good… just don’t bother with it on the DS.

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